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T-Mobile Ending Corporate Discounts for Individual Subscribers

"We want to give all of our customers the best deal on a rate plan," said VP Andrew Sherrard.

T-Mobile said late Friday that it plans to end the practice of offering discounted monthly rate plans to those who work for certain companies.

The company said it is making the move in order to be fairer to all customers.

“We want to give all of our customers the best deal on a rate plan,” Senior VP Andrew Sherrard told Re/code.

That said, the move will mean higher costs for some customers who have been getting such discounts. Some will have the discount through the end of a current contract while other subscribers will see their rates go up as early as May.

Customers whose rates are going up will be notified of the changes over the coming month.

Sherrard said that the move will reduce complexity for T-Mobile and allow it to continue to add value to its standard plan, noting the company’s recent moves to add international texting and include more high-speed data in its standard plans.

“We want to continue to do that,” Sherrard said.

Although they will no longer get a break on monthly rates, Sherrard said those with corporate discounts will start getting a $25 credit for each new phone or tablet they purchase.

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