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Startup Launched by Former Spotify Engineers Raises $2.2 million

Its software is already being used by thousands of companies, including Spotify.

A Swedish startup whose software is designed to help developers diagnose problems with their apps has raised $2.2 million in seed funding from a group of investors led by Lakestar.

Lookback is the brainchild of former Spotify developers Joachim Bengtsson and Jonatan Littke, who set out to address a vexing problem — the inability to capture a user’s interactions with an app without first bringing people into a lab.

Its technology records uses of the phone’s front-facing camera on Apple iPhones or iPads to record a person’s expressions as he or she uses an app, along with their onscreen interactions with the software. This information — gathered with the user’s permission — can be helpful in identifying bugs.

“User experience is something that so many companies can’t seem to get right — mainly because they simply do not have the tools to do so,” said Littke, Lookback’s chief executive. “That’s why we made Lookback.”

Since its beta launch in late 2013, Lookback said its technology is being used by thousands of companies, including Spotify and Yammer. The company said the new round of funding will allow Lookback to grow its platform and team.

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