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Oculus Rift and Liquor Don't Mix (Video)

Though it is compatible with PCs and Android.

In February of last year, Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe showed off the Oculus Rift headset to Peter Kafka and the crowd at D: Dive Into Media.

Here are a few things we learned:

  • The goggles require high-end computing power to work well and it was only possible now because computing power had finally caught up to imagination.
  • It is compatible with Android devices, but works better with powerful processors and graphic processing engines.
  • Iribe had hoped to someday connect to video game consoles.
  • Kafka: “I would definitely not want to be drunk or high doing this.”
  • Kafka looked like he was trying out for a role in a remake of The Lawnmower Man.

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