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Nokia Teases April 2 Event Promising "More Lumia"

The event coincides with Microsoft's Build developer conference, with both events taking place that week in San Francisco.

Screenshot by Re/code

After spending Mobile World Congress focused on its first Android phone, Nokia is poised to return to its main focus: Windows Phone devices.

The company sent out invitations Tuesday for an April 2 event in San Franicsco where it promised “More Lumia,” the company’s brand for its Windows Phone line.

A post on Nokia’s Conversations blog has a bit more info, but even more interesting is the interactive graphic which features several icons as the “o” in “more.” Among those is a watch or clock face, which has some people thinking perhaps a wearable is also in the works.

The event coincides with Microsoft’s Build developer conference, where it is expected to talk about the future of its Windows Phone effort.

Microsoft said at Mobile World Congress that a spring Windows Phone update would add support for, among other things, lower-end Qualcomm chips. That should pave the way for even lower-cost models. One of Nokia’s biggest sellers has been the Lumia 520, a low-end model.

Nokia had originally expected its phone unit to be in Microsoft’s hands by then, but the companies said Sunday night that it now expects it to be April before the deal is closed.

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