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Mobile App "Love Index" Gives High Marks to CVS and Domino's, Low Grades for Cadillac

Start-up Apptentive is grading brands on how well their apps are meeting consumer expectations.


A new “Love Index” shows which brands are scoring points with their mobile apps and which big-name companies are falling short.

Among the most-loved iOS brand apps are drugstore CVS and hospitality firm InterContinental Hotels Group, while the least-loved brand apps included Albertson’s grocery store and BJ’s Wholesale Club.

On the Android side, there was love for Domino’s Pizza, Citizens Bank and USAA, while the lowest love-index score went to Cadillac.

The index is put together by Apptentive, a Google Ventures-backed startup that works with companies to gather feedback on how customers feel about their apps. Any company can also search Apptentive’s site and see how its app is stacking up.

“It’s clear that the App Store charts are insufficient to the task,” Apptentive CEO Robi Ganguly said in an interview.

Ganguly said that heavy mobile users are starting to view apps as a key way to engage with companies and that many businesses with top reputations for offline customer service are falling short with their mobile services.

Apptentive’s Love Index gives companies a score between 20 and 80 (80 being best), while its service helps developers manage their in-app communications, including feedback, chat and support.

“We look at it every day as it helps (us) understand what our guests like or where we may have a problem that needs to be addressed,” said InterContinental Hotels Group’s director of mobile solutions Bill Keen. “It augments all our other forms of insight like in-app analytics, platform performance and, of course the App Store ratings/comments themselves, so we can be more surgical in what we do.”

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