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Sprint Closing Three Call Centers, 55 Stores in Latest Cuts

A Sprint representative confirmed the moves, which will result in more than 1,400 job cuts.

Susan Law Cain / Shutterstock

Sprint told employees this week that it is shutting three customer care call centers and reducing operations at three others, resulting in more than 1,400 job cuts. It is also closing 55 stores across the country.

A Sprint representative confirmed the moves, which were announced internally on Tuesday. Sprint said they were part of planned workforce reductions the company had told employees were coming back in January.

“Those reductions come as the result of greater efficiencies that we’ve achieved through simpler pricing plans and improved customer service — which have resulted in fewer calls to customer service — as well as adjusting to changing marketplace dynamics,” a Sprint representative said in a statement to Re/code.

The company closed call centers in Elmsford, N.Y.; Overland Park, Kan.; and Sacramento, Calif., and reduced operations at call centers in Orlando, Fla.; Temple, Texas; and another Sacramento facility. The job cuts were reported earlier by the Kansas City Star.

As for the store closures, Sprint said that they are “designed to reinforce Sprint’s competitive position in the consumer market” and that 85 percent of workers at affected stores will keep their jobs.

The store closures were earlier reported by CNET.

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