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Wickr to License Privacy Tech to Other Messaging Services

The company says the privacy tools it uses can help others avoid major security breaches.

Wickr, a messaging service that touts its extraordinary security and privacy measures, said Wednesday that it will look to license a bunch of its key technologies.

CEO Nico Sell told Re/code earlier this year that the company was open to such licensing and said its technologies could have helped WhatsApp and others to prevent privacy issues.

“Wickr’s Security Suite enables apps to offer proper online communications and self-destructing data, making the Internet ecosystem stronger overall,” Wickr co-founder and CTO Robert Statica said in a blog post. “Our security solutions address the most recent social media customer breaches. These features are needed by all messaging, calling, gaming and dating apps.”

Specifically, Wickr is open to licensing its timed self-destruct mechanism for data, its technology for finding friends without uploading one’s whole address book, its “shredder” for deleted data and other features. The Wickr Security Suite can be licensed as a whole or a la carte, the company said.

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