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Microsoft CEO Nadella to Talk Mobile and Cloud at March 27 Event in San Francisco

The event will be the first big press event for the newly named chief executive.


Aiming to put some muscle behind his vision of improving Microsoft’s position in mobile and cloud, newly named CEO Satya Nadella will preside over a March 27 press event in San Francisco.

In a note, Microsoft billed the event as consisting of a “briefing and news focused on the intersection of cloud and mobile computing.” The company declined to comment further.

Microsoft has talked for some time about bringing more of its key apps and services — including Office — to mobile devices powered by rival operating systems.

Earlier on Monday, Microsoft announced it was bringing OneNote to the Mac and also said it would make the note-taking app free on all devices.

The timing of the March 27 event is interesting, given that the company is already going to be in San Francisco the following week for Build, its developer conference. It is also the first major address from Nadella since being named chief executive last month.

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