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Quoth Steve Jobs, but Never in the App Store

Think different via the sayings of the tech legend.

Quoth Steve

Since he died in October of 2011, people have looked for a myriad of ways to remember Apple legend Steve Jobs.

That has included a recent mosaic by San Francisco-based artist Jason Mecier, who used 20 pounds of recycled computer supplies (an iPod, an iBook, circuit boards, batteries and floppy disks) to recreate the iconic 2006 photograph of Jobs by Albert M. Watson.

The latest: Quoth Steve, a quote-a-day app that uses inspirational quotes from the Apple founder on everything from tech and design to romance and regrets. Its launch coincided with what would have been Jobs’ 59th birthday.

“He inspires us to not accept the status quo, to strive for wonderful things and not just acceptable things,” said John Gill, who works as a designer at Amazon and who created the app with his brother, Grant. “There’s a lot of good nuggets of wisdom and interesting ways of looking at the world. Some of the technology ones are fun but the best quotes are more about life.”

For the Gills, the quote-a-day model worked best, because people already like ones for Bible quotes and other daily inspirations. The stark and simple design is very much in the Apple design wheelhouse, and a user can share the quotes and flip them over to get more information about them, too.

“You sit at your desk at your boring job and get to tear off a sheet of paper and see the next quote — it’s a very small piece of Jobs, an inspiration at the beginning of your day,” John said. “For us, it’s about broadcasting him, so other people can experience some of his wisdom.”

That said, not for the company Jobs co-founded. Gill said the Apple store rejected the app as a native iOS one, telling him they don’t accept Steve Jobs-themed apps and suggesting he open it up and use quotes from more public figures other than Jobs.

“But that’s not really something I wanted in my pocket,” said Gill, who created Quoth Steve as a Web app. “That’s not the point.”

We have reached out to Apple for comment, but they have not gotten back to us as yet.

However you like to remember him, here are some screenshots of Quoth Steve to enjoy (I like the last one best, because Jobs surely did):

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