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Marc Andreessen's Latest Tweetathon? "Naughty Fun" Leads to "Ruined Lives" in Anonymous Apps.

He attacks tech that enables "voyeurism," which might start as "naughty fun" but ends with "broken hearts" and "ruined lives."

In a 12-part Twitter treatise late last night, high-profile venture capitalist Marc Andreessen attacked tech that enables “voyeurism,” which might start as “naughty fun” but ends with “broken hearts” and “ruined lives.”

Though Andreessen, the co-founder of influential VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, didn’t name any companies (and asked people not to guess), he also said it’s an important topic to discuss.

But he is obviously targeting anonymous sharing apps such as Whisper and Secret, which is only 46 days old but yesterday said it had received $8.6 million in funding. And Whisper has raised $30 million at a $200 million valuation recently.

In his latest tweeting marathon — he’s done a lot of this kind of thing since the beginning of the year — Andreessen implied that these social apps are tapping into deep-seated human nature, but that they’re morally reprehensible and shouldn’t be built. The engineers, he noted, are responsible for stepping up to the moral plate.

Andreessen continued today:

One Secret user responded in the mobile app’s standard tone of, well, you know:

Secret users responded to Andreessen.

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