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Yahoo's Sales Head Brody Takes His First Tumblr by "Living the Dream"

Welcome to the cool-kids table, Ned!

It’s so heartening to see when someone gets all psyched about using the cool-kid tools of the Internets.

Recently, that would be Ned Brody, Yahoo’s sales-guy-in-chief and Americas head, who seemingly just started his own Tumblr blog in recent weeks. Its title: “Living the Dream.”

FYI: Yahoo bought Tumblr in May of 2013 and it officially hired Brody from AOL in September of 2013 to sell advertising on Yahoo properties such as Tumblr.

“My name is Ned and I work at Yahoo,” he declared on his page, which employs a minimal theme and has a profile thumbnail of Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons.”

So far, there are just two posts, a link to a New York Times story on advertising at Yahoo and a link to an essay he did two years ago in the Huffington Post on his parents.

It is all very adorkable, although now I assume he will be getting with the selling of the ads on said site now that he gets how it is used.

Personally, I like the always bizarre Tumblring of Yahoo communications products head Jeff Bonforte, who recently posted a naughtyish image of purple pants on “Bonforte’s Tumblr Page,” seen below.

Such an imp, that Bonforte! (No, really, he looks like an imp — see here — and writes like one too!)

Meantime, over at “Adam’s World,” SVP of mobile and emerging products Adam Cahan seems to prefer pop culture (Ellen selfie alert!) and cool space photos, as here:

Best of all, I now have a new game of finding all the personal Tumblr blogs of Internet execs to keep me up to date.

(By the way, here’s my Tumblr, titled “Graffiti From the Gods,” where I posted photos of odd signs I found with funny captions. I last posted two years ago and stopped because, well, Facebook-owned Instagram happened.)

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