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Sprint Chief: U.S. Internet Speeds Are "Horrible" -- Even Sprint's. I Can Fix That. (Video)

Sprint Chairman Masayoshi Son says Sprint/T-Mobile merger would bring much faster speeds.

In an interview at Re/code’s Washington, D.C., bureau on Tuesday, Sprint Chairman Masayoshi Son lambasted the Internet service currently available to U.S. consumers as “horrible” — way too slow and way too costly — even the Internet service offered currently by his own company, the nation’s No. 3 wireless carrier. But he said he could fix that, if the Obama administration were to allow Sprint to merge with No. 4 carrier T-Mobile. He said that such a merger — which he stressed hasn’t been agreed to — would allow the combined company to gain enough scale to install new technology nationally that he claimed would offer speeds up to 10x current levels in homes.

Famous for his unvarnished statements, Son was in Washington as part of a campaign to build support for such a merger. His aim during the visit was to argue that by providing faster, cheaper service to homes and mobile devices, any merged entity wouldn’t only be competing with wireless giants AT&T and Verizon Wireless, but with entrenched cable and landline phone companies. (Cable giant Comcast owns NBCUniversal, which is a minority investor in this website.)

But it’s best to let the very determined, outspoken and passionate Son speak for himself, in the video below:

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