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Apple Releases iOS 7.1, Which Adds CarPlay Support, New Siri Options and Bug Fixes

The update is designed, among other things, to fix an issue that caused some users to see their iPhones frequently reboot during routine use.


Apple on Monday released iOS 7.1, its first major update to the software that powers the iPhone and iPad since it released iOS 7 last year.

The new update, a free 280-megabyte download, adds some new options for Siri, improved fingerprint sensing with Touch ID and aims to fix an irksome bug that caused some users to have their iPhones spontaneously reboot during use.

It also adds support for Apple’s recently announced CarPlay feature, which lets iPhone owners with enabled new cars to access music, Siri and other features from their cars’ infotainment systems.

With Siri in iOS 7.1, users now have the option to hold down the home button while they dictate their queries, rather than having Siri wait for a pause. Think of it kind of like the push-to-talk feature on walkie-talkies. Apple is also adding new voice options for Siri, including Mandarin Chinese and both British and Australian English.

The initial version of iOS 7 added hundreds of new features, in addition to the flatter user interface. However, many users have also complained it brought with it the reboot issue.

Other minor changes include the ability to view upcoming appointments from within a monthly view of the calendar and a new camera feature that automatically takes a high-dynamic-range (HDR) photo when appropriate. The new version is also designed to improve performance on iPhone 4 models, which use the older A4 processor.

The iOS 7.1 software update will automatically show up over the next week as an option to download, but users that want to get it sooner can go into the settings menu on their iOS 7 device and it should show up in a search for available updates.

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