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Tesla Hires Hacker Kristin Paget to, Well, Secure Some Things

Formerly at Apple, Paget will take an unspecified role at the electric-car maker.

Electric-car maker Tesla Motors has hired noted hacker Kristin Paget, though, like any good hacker, she isn’t saying what she will be doing.

“Can’t say too much but ‘securing things’ is a fair bet :),” she said on Twitter on Friday, after earlier tweeting about the new job. Paget told Re/code that she starts working from Tesla’s Palo Alto, Calif., headquarters on Monday.

Until very recently, Paget was working at Apple, which she joined in September 2012.

Neither Apple nor Paget talked much about what she did at the Cupertino, Calif.-based company, though her business card there carried the awesome title of “Hacker Princess.”

Paget, a transgender woman, has been well known in hacker circles both before and after her transition, and previously helped Microsoft in its efforts to secure Windows Vista. At Defcon in 2010, Paget demonstrated how to build a fake cell tower to intercept cellphone calls.

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