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GoPro Doesn't Keep Its Confidential IPO a Secret

Helmet-cam at the stock exchange?


GoPro, maker of the wildly popular action sports wearable cameras, is going public. The company said today it has confidentially filed IPO documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Other confidential IPO filers, like Twitter and (allegedly) Box, have kept their activities more secret, but GoPro is using the process in a more pointed way, to avoid making its financial documents public while letting the world in on its general plans.

GoPro had reportedly been in talks for a $300 million to $500 million IPO back in 2012, according to Reuters. Later that year the company was valued at $2.25 billion in a transaction where Foxconn invested $200 million.

Coming on the heels of its first national Super Bowl ad last weekend — featuring footage from seven GoPro cameras of Felix Baumgartner’s famous space freefall — it’s also worth noting that GoPro has become a jumbo-sized marketer, especially in the extreme sports space that was formerly dominated by Red Bull.

According to Forbes, GoPro did $521 million in sales in 2012 and expected to double that in 2013.

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