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Google Aims to Simplify Video Conferences With Chromebox for Meetings

A high-def system for less than $1,000.


Not enough Google-related videoconferencing news today, you say? You’re in luck. Not only is there a new service that will bring Google+ Hangouts to your existing office conferencing system, but now there’s an inexpensive system that brings Google+ Hangouts to your office.

Google calls it Chromebox for Meetings and revealed it in a blog post today. For less than $1,000 you can buy a set-up from Asus and later on from Hewlett-Packard and Dell that makes a room ready for high-def video meetings.

The search giant is promising easy set-up, creation of meetings with a single touch of a remote control (no codes or PIN numbers) and easy management of multiple rooms from a single console.

It’s all integrated with your Google Apps account, and you can invite people to your meetings from within your calendar. And people who don’t have the Chromebox gear can join a meeting with no more than a Gmail account. And if you need to dial in from a phone instead, you can do that with UberConference.

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