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Reporter iPhone App Extracts Patterns and Habits From Daily Journals

The creator of Facebook Timeline and the Feltron personal annual report, Nicholas Felton, has a new iPhone app.

For those who are feeling introspective, would like to better understand the sum total of their lives and want to spend $3.99 on an iPhone app, there’s now Reporter, a new project from information designer Nicholas Felton. Felton has noodled for years on the notion of personal annual reports in the form of infographics, and he’s credited with leading design on Facebook Timeline.

Reporter pings users throughout the day to quiz them about their activities, while recording ambient data about things like the weather and the sound level. It stores information locally, so people can assuage their concerns about personal data leaks.

There are already a number of other quality journaling apps, including Day One and Heyday, but Reporter may be the most focused on extracting patterns and habits over time.

Nostalgia and reflection seem to be having a bit of a comeback on the Internet, perhaps as a response to years of self-promoting and oversharing. (I for one have been sucked into watching more than my fair share of Facebook “Look Back” videos this week.)

Felton previously created a more open-ended journaling app called Daytum, which Facebook bought. Reporter was built with xt and the app development company Friends of the Web.

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