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Google-backed Appurify Aims to Automate Mobile App Makers' Device Testing

Apps need to be tested under the right conditions, says CEO Jay Srinivasan.


One of the big challenges for those creating mobile apps is having to test their code against the growing number of devices and network conditions that the programs will have to face in the real word.

In recent years, a number of firms have cropped up to offer app makers access to run their apps on an array of devices without having to purchase and maintain all those phones and tablets.

San Francisco-based Appurify aims to take things a step further. The Google Ventures-backed startup is announcing a service that allows companies to automatically test their apps against tens or hundreds or even thousands of different devices that run from Appurify’s labs in San Francisco. Companies pay a monthly or yearly fee to test against a set number of devices.

CEO Jay Srinivasan said in an interview that the key differentiator between its service and rivals, such as Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere and Perfecto, is that it can offer a deeper level of both automation and granularity, allowing customers not only to test different devices, but to test them on varying network conditions and memory levels. Half of errors seen in the wild, Srinivasan said, come not because the device itself wasn’t tested but because it wasn’t tested under the right conditions.

Appurify has 1,000 devices in its labs in San Francisco, with more than half of those already in use by paying customers, including 10 to 15 Fortune 500 companies.

“We’re at the point now where we are comfortable adding a lot more customers to the platform,” Srinivasan said, adding that Appurify expects to have 1,500 devices in its labs by the end of March.

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