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AT&T Ends Promotion That Paid $450 to T-Mobile Switchers

T-Mobile, meanwhile, continues to offer hundreds of dollars to those willing to break a contract and join its service.


AT&T is no longer offering to pay hundreds of dollars to T-Mobile customers willing to switch to its network.

Since Jan. 3, AT&T had been giving up to $450 in credit to T-Mobile customers, a preemptive strike made days before T-Mobile launched its own campaign aimed at switchers. AT&T confirmed to Re/code on Monday that the promotion ended Jan. 31, noting it had said it would be a limited-time offer.

The carrier has since launched a pair of other offers, including a $100 offer for customers adding an additional line as well as lower pricing for some family plan customers.

T-Mobile continues to tout offers for contract customers coming over from another network. It has since expanded the offer to those under contract with smaller carriers, such as U.S. Cellular.

It’s offer was the central part of the company’s Super Bowl ad campaign, which included a spot with Tim Tebow.

The end of the AT&T promotion was reported earlier by the Wall Street Journal.

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