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Salesforce Confirms Departure of Enterprise Sales President

Just like we said in September.

US Navy just confirmed a personnel move that we first told you about in September: Blair Crump, president for global enterprise sales, is leaving the company.

The disclosure came in a regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

On Sept. 11, Salesforce named Anthony Fernicola, a former senior executive at MCI, to take over what had been Crump’s job. At about the same time, Crump filed with the SEC to sell a big block of his shares in the company. At the time, CEO Marc Benioff denied that Crump had left the company, which was technically true, but it was understood that Crump was in the process of leaving.

Crump’s departure coincides with a wider shake-up at Salesforce. Another president, Hilarie Koplow-McAdams, left the company ultimately to become chief revenue officer at New Relic.

According to the new filing, Crump will be getting a severance package that includes a payment of $222,000 plus any bonuses for which he may have been eligible. No word yet on where he’s going.

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