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Tribune Completes $170 Million Deal for Gracenote

Metadata unification continues.

The Chicago-based Tribune Company said it had completed its purchase of Gracenote from Sony, which it announced in December.

The subsidiary will be combined with Tribune Media Services, a unit of the media giant that sells entertainment metadata, such as television listings and movie times.

Tribune said in a press release that Gracenote adds streaming music services, mobile devices and automotive infotainment. Together they are aiming to also offer services on smart TVs, employing the Tribune’s many television networks and stations.

“We think it is important to double down on the automotive space, which is changing fast with things such as self-drving cars,” said Shashi Seth, president of Tribune Digital Ventures, noting Gracenote was in 50 million cars. “There will be a significant space in users’ lives and we think that journey begins today.”

The Tribune said that Gracenote will operate from its current headquarters in Emeryville, Calif.

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