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This Is Your Brain on Candy Crush (Video)

A short and "sweet!" explanation of why King has all your money.

Last year, King grossed about $443 million in revenue from one game, Candy Crush Saga, according to its recent IPO filing. More than a year after it debuted on the App Store, its 93 million daily players keep on coming back. Why is that?

The answer might not surprise you: We like winning at stuff, and are willing to pay to keep the happy juice flowing to our brains. But here’s Discovery News’ Anthony Carboni with a very clear articulation of the science that keeps you crushing:

King turns more players into payers than most games, according to a report out earlier this week from Swrve. Whereas four percent of King’s users are classified as regular buyers, spending an average of $17.32 a month, Swrve found that among the free-to-play games in its network, half of in-app purchase revenue came from only about 0.15 percent of players.

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