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Square Acquires Online Scheduling Startup BookFresh

It's like an OpenTable for everything except restaurants.


Payments company Square announced on Wednesday it had acquired BookFresh, a startup focused on scheduling customer appointments for merchants.

Described as an “OpenTable for everything but restaurants,” BookFresh is a self-serve platform for small businesses that need online scheduling services but don’t want to handle the hassle themselves.

Square plans to keep the products operating separately for the time being, according to a blog post from BookFresh, and the startup’s existing customers can continue to use the products as they normally do.

The news comes as Square begins to look at diversifying itself and the types of services it offers. The company is reportedly testing a new application that would let Square customers order and pick up food from restaurants; last year, Square also started offering a custom-built hardware stand for its iPad point-of-sale customers, though it’s unclear how well sales are going for the product.

Investors in BookFresh include Ron Conway, SV Angel, Baseline Ventures and NBCUniversal (which, disclosure, is an investor in the company that owns this site).

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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