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Three Top Time Inc. Digital Execs Head out the Door

More shuffling in advance of the publisher's Time Warner spinout.

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Peter Kafka covers media and technology, and their intersection, at Vox. Many of his stories can be found in his Kafka on Media newsletter, and he also hosts the Recode Media podcast.

Three of Time Inc.’s top digital executives are leaving, in advance of the publisher’s spinoff from Time Warner this spring.

Fran Hauser, who ran Time’s Style & Entertainment group, including, announced her departure on Monday. John Cantarella, who ran Time’s News & Sports group, including and, told his staff yesterday, and disclosed his move this morning.

And Chris Peacock, the top editor at CNNMoney, a joint venture between Time Inc. and Time Warner’s cable news channel, told his staff about his plans yesterday.

Beyond confirming their departures, Time Inc. declined to comment on the moves. But Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp has been shuffling his staff for some time, as the company prepares for life outside of Time Warner’s corporate structure.

Last month, for instance, he brought in a new chief technology officer from Amazon. The company has also been shrinking its headcount via layoffs and buyouts.

Neither Hauser nor Cantarella have announced what they plan to do next. Via email, Peacock wouldn’t discuss specifics, but offered up a mini-exit interview: “Everything has changed in media and nothing has changed in media. It’s time to poke into what’s changed. I’m indebted to incredible mentors and colleagues at Time Inc. and CNN for all they’ve let me do. I’ve had the best job I know in digital journalism. Now I have the chance of a lifetime to explore my passion for digital journalism’s outer edges, those mashups of reporting, data, design and code. As Larry Page would say, I’m ‘super excited’ to dig in on that.”

As part of the spinout, CNN will end up controlling all of CNNMoney. Yesterday, the company told staff that managing editor Lex Haris would run the site on an interim basis after Peacock’s departure.

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