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EdSurge, Media Outlet for Education Tech, Raises $1.5M Series A

Though backed by many edtech investors, EdSurge aims to provide evenhanded coverage.

EdSurge, the leading site for Consumer Reports-style coverage of education technology, has raised $1.5 million in funding from a list of investors that includes GSV Capital, NewSchools Venture Fund, LearnCapital, Nancy Peretsman, Judy Estrin, Gillian Munson and many other angel backers.

While backed by many ed-tech investors, the Burlington, Calif.-based site aims to provide evenhanded coverage of all the companies in the space, with an index of hundreds of products and weekly newsletters for an audience of 45,000. The company is led by Betsy Corcoran, formerly executive editor for technology at Forbes Media and staff writer for the Washington Post.

Corcoran said her company aims to elevate teachers in the discussion of ed tech, bringing them to summits with companies in the space where their views are heard and they are fed better food than Fritos. A previous event in Baltimore brought in 650 local teachers and 34 ed tech companies; the next one is in Nashville.

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