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Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Added to Code Conference Speaker List

The very lively exec will appear with an even more lively Ryan Seacrest.

Dustin Diaz for Twitter

There is no question that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has had a busy year, what with an IPO, being portrayed in a high-profile book on the founding of the social communications company and a myriad of efforts to turbocharge the company’s advertising business into the big time.

Among his most high-profile moves has been in the broadcast arena, since Twitter has become very focused on linking itself deeply within the television landscape.

As Peter Kafka wrote: “Twitter often describes itself as a digital town square. But that’s not the only metaphor it likes: Twitter is also intent on becoming a TV Guide.”

That’s why we decided that Costolo should share the stage with Hollywood producer and star Ryan Seacrest, whom we announced earlier this week, at our upcoming Code Conference in May.

The hope is that these two lively players will be able to give insight to the changing face of entertainment and communications.

The Code Conference, our first under this new name but the 12th we have put on, now includes a panoply of tech and media leaders, including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

But we are not done yet. Watch for even more big names to come.

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