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Google Doesn't Want Google Glass to Be Banned While Driving, Obviously

Google confirmed its reported lobbying, because of course.

Google Glass — the wearable computer that’s pitched as a way to more subtly glance at new information, but is not yet widely available — has been the subject of Google lobbying efforts against state bills that would restrict its use while driving in Illinois, Delaware and Missouri, Reuters reports.

Google confirmed this is going on, because why wouldn’t it be.

“Technology issues are a big part of the current policy discussion in individual states,” the company said in an emailed statement. “We think it is important to be part of that discussion and to help policymakers understand new technologies including Glass. Glass is currently in the hands of a small group of Explorers but we find that when people try it for themselves they realize that Glass is not meant to distract but rather connect you more with the world around you.”

That’s not to say driving while Glass-ing might not be an issue down the road. In California, a woman was already cleared on a citation for driving with Glass, but that was because the court couldn’t prove her device was turned on. And other Google Glass owners admit that the device can be a “rabbit hole.”

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