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Re/code on TV: King's IPO, WhatsApp's $19B Deal and Instagram's New Ads

Re/coders take to the tube to discuss the big tech news of the week.

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Re/coders took to the tube to discuss the big tech news of the week with a trio of appearances on CNBC in recent days.

Peter Kafka chatted with the business news channel (whose parent company, NBCUniversal, is an investor in Re/code) about the prospects for King Digital Entertainment’s IPO. The company behind Candy Crush Saga filed to go public on Tuesday, after the addictive mobile game propelled revenue to $1.9 billion last year. All they need to do is produce monster hits like that year after year after year and they’ll be perfectly fine (see Zynga).

Kara Swisher went on CNBC to discuss what’s up with WhatsApp, why Facebook dropped $19 billion for the company and what it might mean for other messaging apps.

Finally, Re/code’s Mike Isaac discussed the rollout of ads on Instagram and what it means for parent company Facebook.

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