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Xoogler Bray Brays on Bay Area: "Congested, Racist, Incestuous, and Overpriced."

A developer who won't move to SF to be with other developers. Hire him now!


Even developers are getting fed up with the number of developers in San Francisco.

Tim Bray, XML co-inventor and developer advocate at Google, didn’t want to move to the “racist, incestuous” Bay Area, and quit after his employer asked him to.

Although he leaves on good terms with the search giant, he still had some rough parting thoughts about the red-hot center of the tech scene on his blog:

“My heart is in Vancouver, its greens and greys and unfussily variegated people, and in Canada. Plus I find the Bay Area congested, racist, incestuous, and overpriced.”

In other words, a tech worker who can’t be around other tech workers. But, to be fair, he might be right on some fronts.

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