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Box Sales Lead Herbold Bolts to Make Way for New Hire From SAP

Off to build something else from the ground up.

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There’s a follow-up to yesterday’s announcement by enterprise cloud storage and collaboration company Box that it had hired former SAP and SuccessFactors exec Graham Younger as its new head of global sales.

Box has confirmed that its current sales head, Executive Vice President of Sales Jim Herbold (pictured at right from his Twitter profile), will be leaving the company after Younger joins. The move is being described as an “amicable passing of the baton.”

I checked in with Box and got a quick statement from CEO Aaron Levie: “We are incredibly grateful to Jim, who has been with Box for more than six years and built an amazing sales organization from the ground up. He was instrumental in our decision to bring Graham aboard and has been intimately involved with the transition. Looking ahead, Jim is excited to return to what he loves most — creating something from scratch. We would not be where we are today without Jim’s leadership and passion.”

Herbold joined Box in 2007 just as it was getting off the ground and was responsible for growing sales from nothing to about $100 million as of the end of last year. He also built the sales operation. Before that he was VP for sales at EmailLabs, and before that he was an exec at AboveNet.

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