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Budweiser Wins the Super Bowl -- On the Web

No need to watch the game: You've already seen the puppy.

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You can watch the game because you care about the game, or you can watch the game because you care about the commercials. But as far as the Web is concerned, it’s already a rout — for Budweiser.

That result comes from iSpot, a company that’s trying to track the way TV commercials perform on the Web. And since many Super Bowl advertisers now prerelease their ads (either intentionally or via a “leak“) or tease them before the game, you can get a very good sense of what people are most interested in based on their YouTube viewing habits and social chatter.

And by iSpot’s count, we, the collective Web watching/chatting audience, are most interested in what Budweiser has to say, especially when it comes to puppies: The beer company has the first three slots in iSpot’s list of the most buzzy ads over the last 24 hours.* And as of last night, iSpot said, Bud’s ads had generated 49 million of the 130 million views that pre-Super Bowl ads had accumulated on YouTube.

Here’s iSpot’s top 10. If you want to measure the in-game performance of the ads, the company says it will be offering it up in real-time:

Budweiser: Puppy Love

Budweiser: Ian Up For Whatever

Budweiser: A Hero’s Welcome

Volkswagen: Wings

Jaguar: Rendezvous

SodaStream: Scarlett Johansson

Hyundai: Nice

Toyota: The Muppets, Terry Crews

Kia: The Truth

Coca Cola: Going All the Way

* You can see an alternate chart, which measures collective buzz for ads over time, over here. Bud is on top of that one, too, and while the margin isn’t as big, it’s still pretty big.

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