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Techie Bobsledder Looks Forward to Four-Man Competition, Then Xbox One

Steven Holcomb has his sights set on repeat gold in the four-man event. Oh, and getting some video game time.

Photo courtesy of @AGMsports

Steven Holcomb was pretty stoked to get a bronze medal in two-man bobsled, and he still has a chance to earn a repeat gold in the four-man later this week.

But all this elite bobsledding takes a toll on Holcomb’s other passions: Tech and gaming.

Gathering dust at home are Holcomb’s brand new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“I got them both on release day, but because of my season only got to play for about 10 days,” Holcomb told Re/code in a Twitter interview. “I am really looking forward to getting back and playing.”

First, though, is the four-man competition, the event where Holcomb and his Night Train earned a gold in Vancouver. That event kicks off with two runs on Friday, followed by two more runs on Saturday.

“I can’t wait for four-man,” Holcomb said. “We are the defending champs, and having the momentum from the two-man we are going to be a serious threat to not only medal but defend our title.”

Holcomb has been an inspiration, battling back from a potentially blinding eye disease to become a World Cup and Olympic champion.

“His focus, determination and never-quit attitude is why he is one of the best in the world,” said Nick Cunningham, pilot of another Team USA bobsled competing in Sochi. “He feeds off adversity and has amazing attention to detail. I’m a better pilot because of him and happy to be able to compete with him for the next four years.”

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