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The Mystery of the Disappearing Jony Ive Photo Solved!

A "technical glitch" is not very gripping in this case.

Earlier today, all of Twitter got all hot and bothered when a photo of Jony Ive, Apple’s elegant SVP of Design, disappeared temporarily from its management page. Then it reappeared!

Not exactly Sherlock Holmes territory, but it is a holiday in the U.S and there is not much tech news out there, so I decided to investigate.

And though famously secretive, the tech giant has not reached the level of Kremlin photo homicide as yet, although it did remove a photo of top exec Bob Mansfield ahead of a change in his job at the company.

So, I emailed and asked Apple PR about the mystery of the disappearing Jony. The game was afoot!

Well, for a few minutes, at least. Apparently, it was a “technical glitch” when the page was being updated. Said a spokesperson: “It’s up now, no big deal.”

Sigh. Onto “The Case of the Three S’s” — more on that soon.

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