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Re/code in the Media: Alibaba's IPO, Armstrong's Apology and a $30 Tablet

Check out some team member TV appearances.


The folks here at Team Re/code had a busy week talking about tech companies on TV.

Here’s Kara Swisher on CNBC discussing the prospects for Alibaba’s initial public offering and what it means for Internet portal Yahoo:

And here’s Swisher again, again on CNBC, talking about how AOL CEO Tim Armstrong called out two distressed babies as the reason for stopping 401(k) matching contributions at the company. The comments generated a lot of controversy, though in the end Armstrong reversed the decision and apologized.

And finally, here’s Walt Mossberg, speaking about his review of Sprint’s ZTE Optik 2, which sells for the low price of $30. His assessment: You get what you pay for.

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