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"Girls" Star Lena Dunham Loves to Tweet, and Today Twitter Hearted Her

"I tend to think that all media consumption is educational."

Jess Rosenberg on Twitter

“Girls” creator and star Lena Dunham, Pied Piper to the millennials, stopped by Twitter HQ in downtown San Francisco this afternoon to speak in front of its employees. Dunham, who has 1.4 million followers and live-tweets much of her life, sat down for an onstage interview with Elaine Filadelfo, consumer communications manager at Twitter.

“I tend to think that all media consumption is educational,” Dunham said.

And about the controversies around her popular HBO cable show: “A lot more people have opinions about it than are actually watching it.”

Also, although it seems an odd aside: “I don’t watch ‘Real Housewives’ … it just doesn’t hit my pleasure receptors.”

Finally, to a “tweep” who gave her a rose: “You are a very handsome Valentine, thank you.”

Of course, excited employees took to their preferred medium to tout her appearance:

And, as noted above, Dunham got a rose (it is Valentine’s Day, after all):

In her tech travels, Dunham visited Facebook and its Instagram unit yesterday — a digital native, she is also an active user of the photo-sharing service and recently debuted her upcoming new book’s cover on the service. While there, she met co-founder Mike Krieger and posed for more Instagram shots.

Not so much fun for the Twitter staff in New York, which just got a lot of snow (and where Dunham shoots her show and also lives), though they tried to make the best of it:

Dunham herself assessed her tech trip, focusing in on girls who code and, of course, outsider excitement over the copious free snacks at Internet companies:

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