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Confirming Leaks, Verizon Trims Prices on 4G Data Plans

The new plans go into effect today.


Verizon Wireless announced a new set of plans that increased allowances and cut prices on data plans for smart phones and tablets, confirming word of a change that leaked out yesterday.

Verizon is calling it “MORE Everything.” Under the plan, existing customers will see a $10-a-month drop in the price of per-line access charges on plans with allowances of eight gigabytes or less, and a $20 reduction on the price of plans of 10GB or more. It applies to customers who are already on its Edge program.

The plan also adds unlimited international messaging and 25GB of free cloud storage per line. The plan kicks in for existing customers today.

Also in the mix: An international long distance plan that allows calls to Mexico and Canada for a penny a minute and other countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America for five cents a minute. This particular part of the plan is free for the first three months but carries a $5-per-month fee after that.

Verizon’s move is being seen as a response to price moves by rivals T-Mobile US, AT&T and Sprint to trim and simplify their own plans. Last year T-Mobile, the fourth-largest carrier in the U.S., did away with phone subsidies and cut service plan prices at the same time while also offering its customers early device upgrades.

Earlier this month AT&T cut prices on its family plans by $40 to $100 a month. Sprint has offered what it calls its Framily plans that allow up to 10 people to sign up for service together while also offering separate billing for those who want it.

Here’s a chart that Verizon provided outlining the new plans.

Update: I clarified this above to make sure it’s clear that the drop in price applies to the price of access charges, not on the prices of the data plans themselves. So the bigger your data plan your basic line access charge is less. Got it?

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