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Netflix Gets New Episodes of Disney's "Star Wars: The Clone Wars"

"The Lost Mission" season -- unaired until now -- starts next month.

Lucasfilm Ltd.
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Netflix has a new content deal with an existing partner for stuff that was already made but hasn’t been shown before.

Got all that?

Here’s the translation: Next month the video service will begin streaming a new season of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” an animated series spun out of the original Star Wars movies.

For a certain kind of Star Wars fan, this is a big deal. The series, produced by Disney’s Lucasfilm unit, ran for 5 seasons on Time Warner’s Cartoon Network before it was cancelled — even though production on a 13-episode sixth season was under way.

Netflix will run those unaired “Lost Missions” shows starting March 6 and will have exclusive rights to the new episodes, as well as streaming rights to the old ones, in the U.S. and the U.K.

This is yet another deal for Netflix and Disney — separate from one the two companies made to bring Disney movies to Netflix in 2016, separate from one the two companies made to bring a new series based on Marvel characters to Netflix in 2015, and separate from other TV deals the two companies have made.

But unlike the original shows like “House of Cards” that Netflix has been airing, the “Clone Wars” deal isn’t a flat-out exclusive. If you live in Germany, you can start watching the episodes on the SuperRTL channel, starting this weekend. Here’s what purports to be a trailer for that version. The rest of you will have to wait until March 7.

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