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Facebook Boots Two Ad Analytics Companies for Data Violations

HasOffers and Kontagent are out of Facebook's circle of trust.

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Facebook is punishing two ad analytics companies because it says those companies violated the social network’s data policies.

Facebook is telling advertisers not to work with HasOffers and Kontagent, which tracked the performance of ads on the company’s mobile platform. Instead, Facebook is steering advertisers to a list of about a dozen competitors.

AdExchanger reported on the move earlier today.

Facebook’s decision will be significant for HasOffers and Kontagent, since Facebook’s mobile ad business is huge and growing quickly. It will also require advertisers and developers who are using HasOffers and Kontagent to do some scrambling; one person familiar with Facebook’s decision says the company is telling advertisers they have until mid-April to switch to new service providers.

Here’s a statement from a Facebook rep: “After working with a third-party auditor to review the practices of all our mobile measurement partners, we discovered that some weren’t adhering to the terms they agreed to. As a result, we’ve removed a couple of our partners from the program. We take our contracts seriously, and will continue to act swiftly anytime we find out they are being violated.”

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