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With Flappy Bert, Sesame Street Gets In on the Flappy Bird Clone Race

While lovable square Bert is just looking to have some fun, others are using the disappearance of the official app as an opportunity to spread malware.

Screenshot by Re/code

Flappy Bird imitators have been appearing fast and furiously since the official game was taken off the App Store and Google Play over the weekend.

A number of clones have appeared, for Windows Phone, for Android and on the Web.

Now, Sesame Street is looking to get in on the act with Flappy Bert, a Web-based clone of the popular game. In its version, Bert is carried by a blue bird and screams “Ernie!” when he bumps into something.

There is also “Flappy Jam” — a hackathon of sorts designed to create similar hard-to-play games riffing on existing game themes.

And Fall Out Boy has joined, posting details on Fall Out Bird to their Web site. The game is supposedly coming to Android imminently and to iOS as soon as it is approved.

The pop-punk band notes that “rome wasn’t built in a day, but this game was.”

Meanwhile, security firms are putting out warnings that many of the Android versions of Flappy Bird that are making their way back onto official and unofficial app stores are, not surprisingly, laced with malware. So, flap addicts beware.

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