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Filed under: Adds Events to Your Calendar With the Flick of an Email launches today as a simple tool that adds events mentioned in emails to your calendar.

Shutterstock/Magnifiko launches today as a simple tool that adds events mentioned in emails to your calendar when you forward the emails to a designated address.

With all the automation and smarts and personalization in tools like Google Now and even various mail clients these days, plus a great many new calendar apps like Tempo and Fantastical, it might be surprising that something like would still have a reason for being.

But personally, after finding lots of utility in TripIt, which uses a similar email forwarding technique to keep track of flight confirmations, hotel reservations and other travel plans, I am interested to take a look.

The point of is to “make it real easy for the user to stay in flow without having to open up another app and filling out a calendar form,” according to founder Michael Galpert. And you have to appreciate that premise. In this day and age, we don’t need yet another app for everything; there are already plenty. users can also add the same specified email address “” on a thread and everyone else who is included in the conversation will get a calendar invite as detected from what has been discussed.

(The tiny trick behind the scenes is that, just like TripIt, every user sends their stuff to that one email address, but it gets automatically filed based on who sent it.)

All the usual caveats apply about the risks of sending personal information off to some seed-funded startup’s servers, especially considering the tool is just launching today and may change.

Also, tech startups have tried variations of the email forward assistant before, including Cc:Betty and I Want Sandy, neither of which exist anymore (their teams got talent-acquired by Myspace and Twitter, respectively).

For Galpert’s part, he said he wants to get smarter and more automated over time. A more complex product is actually where he is coming from: evolved out of previous human and virtual assistants from Galpert and company, which were called Superhuman and SuperCalendar.

The company is funded by FF Angel, Google Ventures, Sigma Prime Ventures, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures and angels including Matt Mullenweg, Dennis Crowley, Rick Webb, Jamie Siminoff and Nate Westheimer.

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