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Yahoo Wonder Boy Nick D'Aloisio Drops Knowledge on Web Publishers

"I want people wanting to lick the screen."

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Nick D’Aloisio, the teenaged product manager Yahoo hired last year by buying his Summly mobile app, is probably not going to stay with the company forever. So while she has him, Marissa Mayer is making sure she gets the most out of him — at least as a public speaker.

Nick D’Aloisio, who lives in London, is running a team in Silicon Valley, and teaching himself math at night. But he has still found time to get out and about.

Last month, for instance, he appeared onstage with Mayer at CES in Las Vegas to unveil a new news app. A few days later he was at the DLD conference in Munich, chatting with journalist David Kirkpatrick. He also grabbed lunch with a reporter from the Financial Times.

And yesterday he was the keynote speaker at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual meeting in Palm Desert, Calif. The IAB is the primary trade group for Web publishers, and the conference is packed with movers and shakers. I have yet to see the full video of D’Aloisio’s presentation, but Twitter says it went over well:

Here’s a post-keynote interview with IAB head Randall Rothenberg, where D’Aloisio touches on role models (Leonardo Da Vinci, Steve Jobs) and the source of his aesthetic inspiration — (mid-century Swiss design).

A summary of the summary: “I want people wanting to lick the screen.”

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