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AT&T Drops Cost of Some Family Plans as Wireless Price Wars Intensify

The discounts apply to AT&T Next plans where customers pay for their phone in installments.


AT&T said on Saturday that it will drop the cost for customers that sign up for a family plan on one of the company’s AT&T Next plans.

Those plans offer new phones without a subsidy, allowing customers to pay in installments with no interest and no upfront payment. The newly announced plans cut prices for such customers by $40 to $100 per month for some customers on current plans, AT&T said. The discounts apply for those families on a shared data plan of at least 10GB per month. Two smartphones sharing 10GB of data cost $130 a month, with additional phones sharing a similar-size data bucket paying just $15 more per month.

AT&T’s move comes amid sharp attacks by T-Mobile US as well as Sprint’s introduction last month of a new set of “Framily” plans that allow friends and family to sign up for group discounts while maintaining separate bills.

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