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Tamir Rice's mom says police threatened to detain her after an officer shot her son

A Cleveland Police car.
A Cleveland Police car.
Stefan Hlabse / AFP via Getty Images
  1. Cleveland Police officers tackled and handcuffed Tamir Rice's 14-year-old sister shortly after she arrived at the scene where an officer previously shot and killed her brother, Rice's mother told reporters on Monday.
  2. Samaria Rice, the mother of both children, said officers threatened to put her in the back of a police car if she didn't calm down in the minutes after a Cleveland Police officer shot and killed her son.
  3. A Cleveland Police spokesperson declined to comment on Samaria Rice's accusations.
  4. Cleveland Police officer Timothy Loehmann shot Tamir Rice, a black 12-year-old carrying a toy airsoft gun, on November 22. The boy died the following day.
  5. Samaria Rice said she is "looking for a conviction." In the past month, grand juries exonerated the police officers responsible for the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in New York City.

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