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Taylor Swift says the media is #thirsty — here's what she means

Taylor Swift says she's not dating bff Karlie Kloss
Taylor Swift says she's not dating bff Karlie Kloss
James Devaney/Getty

Annoyed with rumors that she and her identical twin/best friend Karlie Kloss were lovers, Taylor Swift shot out a scathing tweet Monday morning:

The tweet is presumably aimed at Gawker and TMZ who both reported last week that Swift and Kloss were kissing at a concert. That much is clear. But for some (the olds), Swift's hashtag at the end is confusing. Is Taylor Swift thirsty? What do beverages have to do with this? Doesn't Taylor Swift have enough money to afford some water or something?

No. Nothing. Yes.

1) What is "thirsty"?

Thirsty is another way of saying "desperate." Taylor Swift, then, is trying to say that the media is desperate for stories and making up stuff about her and Karlie Kloss. Believe what you want, but Swift is on her sass game this morning.

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