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Report that Grumpy Cat made $99.5 million in two years is "completely inaccurate"

Grumpy Cat made $99.5 million dollars. But he's still grumpy
Grumpy Cat made $99.5 million dollars. But he's still grumpy
George Pimentel/Getty

Reports that Grumpy Cat, a real cat who is internet famous for looking really unhappy all of the time, has made $99.5 million over two years are "completely false" owner Tabatha Bundesen told the Huffington Post. She did not clarify how much Grumpy Cat has made.

UK newspapers the Telegraph and Express originally reported the figure, crediting the cat's appearances at places like South by Southwest and her on-air special "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever" for the earnings.

To get an idea of how astronomical the (untrue, as it turns out) earnings are for a internet cat celebrity, here are the most recent yearly incomes for six major stars:

These totals are only a single year's income according to Forbes, and they are estimates.

Here's a graph created by @JodySie:

grumpy cat rich

Correction: A previous version of this article reported that Bundesen had made $99.5 million off of Grumpy Cat. The piece has been updated.