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Salesforce Names YouTube Head Susan Wojcicki to Board

She will be the second woman on the 11-person Salesforce board.

Asa Mathat has tapped Google veteran Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of its YouTube video unit, to its board of directors, expanding the group to 11 members.

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, called her “an extraordinary executive who has been instrumental in helping to build the world’s largest consumer cloud company.”

She’ll be the first second woman on the Salesforce board after Robin Washington, the CFO of Gilead Sciences. She is clearly accustomed to running a large operation: If YouTube were independent of Google it would be worth $40 billion, according to a recent estimate from an analyst for Jeffries.

Wojcicki joined Google in 1999 and took over YouTube this year. She also spoke at our Code/Mobile conference last month.

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