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James Franco, Seth Rogen Spoof Sony Hack on SNL (Video)

Avert your eyes: The duo's private cellphone pics were "leaked" on SNL.


The cyber attack against Sony took another predictable turn over the weekend … on Saturday Night Live.

Actors James Franco and Seth Rogen, whose upcoming movie “The Interview” makes fun of North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un and is considered a possible motivation for the hack, spoofed the cyber attack onstage Saturday. The duo were astonished to find that their private cellphone pictures had been “leaked” — including a Christmas card featuring them sitting naked on Santa’s lap.

“It’s much, much worse than we thought it would be,” joked Rogen.

While the actual hack has been anything but funny — some Sony employees and their families have been threatened by the attackers — it has done much to hype the movie, which comes out on Christmas Day.

You can see the monologue below.

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