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Watch Apple's New iPad Air 2 Ad (Video)

Just in time for the holiday shopping rush.


Apple unveiled its latest ad for the iPad Air 2 on Sunday, one that demonstrates all the unique ways people can use the device.

Unlike the ads in the company’s last iPad Air campaign, which each told the story of a single iPad user, this one explores a variety of iPad use cases you’ve probably never thought about. One user builds an iPad into his motorcycle; another uses the device in his wood shop to build a new surfboard; still another uses the iPad to sketch an angler fish mask.

The theme of the ad is “Change,” an apparent nod to the many ways the iPad is influencing the way people work, create and communicate.

You can see two versions of the spot, which appeared during some of Sunday’s NFL broadcasts, on Apple’s website and at the bottom of this post.

With the holiday shopping season already upon us, the timing of the campaign is no coincidence. But it’s likely informed by something else as well: Slowing iPad sales. Apple sold nearly 13 percent fewer iPads last quarter than it did the year prior. The company is clearly hoping “Change” will juice sales and slow that developing trend during its important holiday quarter.

Apple will also promote the campaign and the apps showcased in the commercials on both and iTunes. The campaign features the song “Who Needs You” by The Orwells, a band from Illinois. The song was released more than 16 months ago and has fewer than one million views on YouTube. That likely won’t be the case for long.

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