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Re/code on TV: The Sony Hack, iPhone Sales and Eye Scanners

Our talking heads chat about the week's big tech news.

Re/code was all over the news again this week. The biggest story: a cyberattack on Sony that may be the work of North Korean hackers. Senior Editor Arik Hesseldahl joined CNBC’s Squawk on the Street Thursday to discuss the hack, and what the company is doing to investigate it.

Co-Executive Editor Kara Swisher also appeared on CNBC to discuss the hack.

Re/code’s other Co-Executive Editor Walt Mossberg dropped by Squawk Alley to discuss whether or not Apple’s iPhone sales have reached a peak.

Walt also spent some time talking about EyeLock’s Myriseye scanner.

Finally, Swisher joined CNBC’s Squawk Alley to talk about mobile advertising market share, and where Yahoo and Twitter stand in comparison to the big players like Google and Facebook.

Senior Editor Ina Fried also spoke with CBS Philadelphia about Sprint’s “cut your bill” promotion.

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