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What Chris Rock, Cher, and other celebrities said about the Eric Garner decision

The scene at Eric Garner's funeral
The scene at Eric Garner's funeral
Getty Images News

Celebrities are often encouraged by their representatives to refrain from saying anything during moments of national crisis out of a fear that they their statements will spurn criticism. Wednesday night, though, when the announcement came that the NYPD officer who was filmed strangling Eric Garner to death in a chokehold had not been indicted, many celebrities broke their silence to speak out against injustice.

Here is what they had to say:

Chris Rock

Kerry Washington

Iggy Azalea

Aaron Paul

MC Hammer


George Lopez

John Mayer

Actor Jesse Williams

Music Producer

Rapper 50 Cent

TV personality Piers Morgan

Actress Alyssa Milano

Rapper and Actor Ice T

Comedian Kevin Hart

Musician Ezra Koenig

Film director Spike Lee

Actress Jemima Kirke

Musician Tink

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